Leappad Ultra Review

Leappad Ultra Review

I would like to welcome you back to my website, Leap Frog Pad, dedicated to quality toys for children.   The support from my readers has been overwhelming and quite positive.   It makes me feel great when a parent who has read my Leappad Ultra review understands the impact that this quality educational toy can have on their child.   What makes me feel even better is when those same parents say, “Hey Sara, I read your Leappad Ultra review on your website and I decided to purchase the tablet for my daughter for Christmas.   Now, two months later, her grades have improved and she actually likes math!”

What makes these educational toys effective?  I have said it over and over again.   When learning is fun, what is learned is retained and applied.   It astonishes me how effectively children are able to learn an academic concept by using an app on their Leappad and then generalize the concepts and incorporate them.

I know of children who have learned languages with these toys.   While that is impressive, I am most touched when a child is struggling with a subject and then turns it around to be their best subject.   What that does for a child’s self esteem is priceless.

I believe that a child’s beliefs are always true.   Whether they think they can or they think they can’t, they are right!   Isn’t that true of adults, too?   But I believe it is damaging to a child to form the belief, “Maybe I’m just not good at math!”  or spelling, or geography, or whatever.     Many times this happens when a child has been sick for a short period of time and then returns to school.   How can they be expected to know what they missed and continue to learn on a foundation that is missing some concepts?

I believe that expectation is unfair to our children.   But, what is a child to do?    By having quality resources, like the educational toy in my Leappad Ultra review, a child can learn skills easily and not even know they are learning!   They think they are just playing!   Isn’t that great!

For the low price of these toys, the benefits are priceless.    I have written so much about these kid’s tablets on this site.    Please look it over and see for yourself.

Apps For Leappad Ultra

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I hope you take the time to look over the information here with my Leappad Ultra review.   The links to my articles on Leap Frog Pad should answer any questions you may have.