Demonstrating The Leappad Ultra Kid’s Learning Tablet

Let’s Look At The Leapfrog Leappad Ultra

Hello, it’s Sara and I am back with another exciting blog post on Leap Frog Pad.   In this post, I will be demonstrating the Leapfrog Leappad Ultra.   I sure hope these posts, reviewing educational toys for children, are helpful for you and your family and friends.


This is the Leap Frog Leappad Ultra
This is the Leap Frog Leappad Ultra

With holiday season approaching, it is my hope that parents think before purchasing gifts this season.   Sure, the Xboxes of the world are fun, but other than some Physical Therapy benefit or hand to eye coordination, these leave little to educational growth for little ones in the 3yrs to 9yrs range.   If your child is already 9 or 10, it may make sense to consider another product, unless they  have a younger sibling that may inherit the Leappad Ultra tablet.

I believe the Leappad Ultra to currently be the best tablet for kids, however there are other options from other vendors as well, such as VTech, with their Innotab 3s.   Whatever you decide, what is important is that children are being motivated and have fun while learning.   The VTech educational toys are fine. I do like the Innotab 3s a lot.    I believe, however, that the Leapfrog Leappad Ultra is a superior product , will grow with a child over a longer period of time and is more adaptable to a child’s educational needs.

I have found this video on YouTube that I believe does a good job showcasing the Leap Frog Pad.

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, this video speaks volumes.   It shows the VP for Multimedia Learning for LeapFrog.  She is giving a preview of what she is calling the ultimate kid’s learning tablet.

One of the things that is really nice, is that you will see a two children playing a racing game on their leapfrog leappad ultra tablets together in Peer to Peer mode.   The way that the game works is a child will need to do a Math activity first, in order to race their car against a friend’s car.  What might not be so obvious is that the Math skills are not necessarily the same for both children.    Each child is presented the Math that is appropriate for them individually (at their individual learning levels) before racing.   Then, they both race, using their Leap Pad Leap Frog Ultra.    Again, remember that the Leap Pad Ultra is the only Leap Frog Pad that can currently play Peer to Peer games…  So, if you have the Leappad2, you will not be able to use this game in this way.

Another not so obvious thing that is taught on the Leappad Ultra with this game is good sportsmanship, waiting for a friend to be ready, social skills between the players, etc.   What I like about leaning this way is that multiple skills are being taught on the leappad ultra at the same time, overlapping skills, learning and fun together.

I hope this post helps you to better understand how the Leap Frog Leap Pad can be used to as an educational aid for children.

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