Phonics Games

Welcome back to Leap Frog Pad!   Lately, I have been asked a lot of questions about what is the best way to help young children get a jump start on reading.   Phonics games are quite popular in aiding kids in reading skills.  Phonics help kids by primarily by teaching them how to sound out words.

What are Phonics, Anyway?

Phonics are a way of building reading skills based on sounding out words.  First, children learn the sound of individual letters, like D-O-G.  Then they learn how to put those letters together to make the word “Dog”.   Using phonics, children can learn pre-reading skills effectively.   It will not be long before more complex sounds like CH, SH, TH are introduced after individual letters are mastered.    The next thing you know, you kids are reading!   This is an enormous boost to self esteem, as they are proud of their new skills.

Letter Factory Learning Phonics Games
Letter Factory Learning Phonics Games


There are a number of games that teach phonics in a fun way.   I found some of the best phonics games and listed some of my favorites.   One of the thing I like about these particular phonics games is that they are incredibly motivating to play.   If you have been reading my blog, you know that I believe that FUN is a key factor to accelerated learning for youngsters.

Are Phonics Games Fun?

You bet they are!   Once your child is having fun, the practice and repetition is no longer drudgery. This makes phonics games worth their weight in gold.  These phonics games are designed especially for young learners by some of the leading educational experts to keep the learning fun and motivating.

Sara’s Picks For Phonics Games For Leappad Ultra



Of course, to play these games, you will need a Leappad Ultra, Leappad 2 or Leappad 2 Power.  I believe these are excellent choices of phonics games for young learners, ages 3-5 years old.   These games are great fun for children and they actually are learning reading skills while playing.

Phonics Games for VTech InnoTab Tablets

A competitor to Leapfrog is a company called VTech.   Their product that directly competes with the Leappad Ultra is the VTech Innotab 3s.   While not as great of a selection of phonics games, there are still some that I feel are excellent choices for kids.


In order to play these phonics games, children would first need the InnoTab tablet to play them on.

In conclusion, if you a looking for excellent toys that help your children learn academic skills while playing, these phonics games can be very helpful when it comes to reading.   Kids can get a jump start on reading while having fun playing.