Leappad2 Review

Leappad2  Review

The Leappad Ultra’s Little Brother

Hello, and welcome to my Leappad2 review, for one of the Leapfrog Kid’s learning tablets.   While not as powerful and feature packed as the Leappad Ultra, the LeapFrog Leappad2 is a great educational toy that will run many of the same learning apps as the Leappad Ultra.

LeapFrog Leappad Family
These are the current models of Kids Tablets from LeapFrog

To start my review on the Leappad2, I want to describe its construction.  It’s design is similar to the Leappad Ultra, in that it is very rugged and kid tough.  Like the Leappad Ultra, the Leappad 2 has a stylus that the tethered to the tablet, so that it doesn’t get lost.  Kids can control the device with either a finger or the stylus.  The stylus gives kids the fine motor practice that is useful for learning how to write, by the way.  The Leappad2 comes in Green and Pink, too.

The internal memory that the Leapfrog Leappad 2 comes with is 4 GB.   That’s plenty for the games, videos, music and pictures your child will use on their Leappad2.  The processing speed is 500MHz, which is slower than the Leappad Ultra, but not so bad.

The Leappad2 has the ability to have different profiles. This means that the Leappad can be configured for more than one child and each child’s settings will be saved for them.  The Leappad Ultra also has this same feature, as well.

As I mentioned in prior articles, the Leappad2 comes it two versions, the Leappad2 and the Leappad2 power.   The Power version has a rechargeable battery pack with an AC adapter, while the Leappad2 does not.   I would recommend getting the Leappad2 Power, as you will quickly spend the money saved by eating up batteries.   An alternative is to buy standard AA Rechargeable batteries, and they work just fine in the Leappad2.  The Leappad2 takes 4 AA batteries.

The Leappad2 is equipped with two cameras that are mounted on the front and back of the Leappad.  Each of these cameras is 2 Mega Pixels.  It is quite easy to switch between both camera.  The pictures your child takes with the Leappad2  are stored on the kid’s tablet.  It is really easy and fun for kids to take pictures using their Leapfrog Leappad 2.  You will be amazed what they take pictures of, too!  You can transfer the pictures from the Leappad2 to a computer very easily, by connecting the Leappad2 to the computer using a USB Cable that is included.  In addition to pictures, your child can also record color videos with sound with the Leapfrog Leappad2.

The Leappad2 has a build in speaker, with the option to use headphones.   When using headphones, the speaker is disconnected.   The volume of the audio on the Leappad2 can be controlled using buttons on the front of the device.  In addition to the speaker, is a built in microphone.

Educational games can be installed on the Leappad2 by either buying cartridges and plugging them into the tablet or by connecting the Leappad2 to a parent PC and pushing the apps to the Leappad2.   Unlike the Leappad Ultra, the Leappad2 does not have the WiFi option that makes the Leappad Ultra very popular.

All in all, I believe the Leappad2 is an exceptional educational toy.   I still believe that the Leapfrog Leappad Ultra is worth the extra money, but the Leappad2 is one of the next best offerings from Leapfrog.