Leapfrog Leappad Ultra – Can Children’s Games On It Improve Your Child’s Grades?

The Leapfrog Leappad Ultra
Can Improve Your Child’s Grades!

Hello, Sara here.

In my experience, I can confirm what most educational experts are saying.   That is exactly what can happen with the Leapfrog Leappad Ultra.  When learning is fun, children retain knowledge better and apply what they have learned in abstract critical thinking.  I believe in taking it a step further.    When children link up in their brains that learning equals fun at an early age, that in itself, can impact them for a lifetime.

Have you ever wondered why children can learn a language much easier than adults?  It is because they are having fun while doing it, usually in play, in addition to being immersed in it.   I have a second grade student that came into my class, and I overheard her speaking in French! Not only that, but she was speaking with seemed like perfect pronunciation.  I don’t speak much French, but I am just saying from what I could tell.  I thought that she must have some adults at home speaking French around her, but I was wrong!

She told me that she has the Leappad Ultra and a few games that teach French.   Could you believe that!  No adults around her speaking French, nor is she hearing it on Television.   The educational toys these days are amazing.  This tablet for kids is one of the best kids educational toys I have seen.

I also have had a child who was absent with an illness for a long period of time.   Of course, I was concerned that they would fall behind in some critical things to learn at this stage of the school year.  We were doing some pretty intense things in Math, for a second grader.   Do you know that the Math games, from the Leapfrog App Center helped this child to not only catch up quickly, but to get the high score in the class?  Amazing what can happen when a child is having fun while learning.  The Leapfrog Leappad Ultra motivates kids to learn, while having fun.

Personally, I think that fun is missing from the schools, when it comes to learning in school, and as a teacher, I try to add fun as much as I can.   I would like to see the day that the schools provide these type of devices.   Today there are eBooks on this childrens table, but I believe in the near future children will have their textbooks in eBook format.   Another reason why we need to get these kids used to the technology that they will need in the future.

This children’s tablet, the Leappad Ultra, will grow with a child.  The apps span many levels of education and cover many of the content areas that children are learning in school.   The importance of stimulating a child’s brain can’t be understated.  The educational games on the Leappad Ultra do exactly that.   As your child grows and learns, new apps can later be installed that can assist them wherever they are in their stage of learning.   If there is an area in school that your child is challenged by, I would highly recommend looking for a fun game in the LeapFrog  App Store to re-enforce the skills being taught in school, in a fun way.

In conclusion, the Leap Frog Leap Pad Ultra is an innovation for children that will grow with them over one of the most important periods of their learning.  The period where they are forming beliefs about learning and school.