Educational Games For Kids – Leappad Ultra Wins Best In Show Award!

Educational Games For Kids

I have been evaluating Educational Games For Kids for quite a long time.   It is nice to see the educational evolution of toys.  They stimulate the minds of children while they are having fun.  Finding the best educational games for kids can be a challenge as there are so many choices to choose from.   That is why I made Leap Frog Pad, to help parents evaluate the choices of these educational toys and weight the pros and cons..

You already know that I am quite impressed with the Leapfrog Leappad Ultra.   At the time of this writing, I believe it to be the best kids tablet around. Another popular kid’s tablet is the VTech Innotab 3s.   Both of these kid’s tables are excellent educational games for kids.  The Leapfrog Leappad Ultra is, in my opinion, the better WiFi enabled kid’s tablet of the two.

Educational Games For Kids
This is the Leap Frog Leap Pad Ultra

It is nice to know that other folks believe the same as I do.   I was looking at ABC News and learned that the Leapfrog Leappad Ultra won the “Best In Show” award for 2013 by Time to Play Mag.  I can’t agree more with the awarding this honor to one of the best educational games for kids ever made.  

Here are the Links for the Best Price For The Leappad Ultra:

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Kids’ Learning Tablet, Pink

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Kids’ Learning Tablet, Green

I believe the editor of time to play made a few comments that were notable.  One was that Leapfrog has been consistently making a solid lineup on excellent educational games for kids. They also said that the learning tablets made by Leapfrog have won various awards from the magazine for the past three years.   Wow, that is amazing!

I believe it is an big advantage for parents to buy educational games for their kids. It definitely helps their children by making it fun to learn.   Especially for repetitive and rote academic skills.  These academic skills are reinforced by the math games for kids that Leapfrog offers.  Most of the educational games work on the various models of leappad. This includes the Leapfrog Leappad Ultra.  The fun factor of these educational games for kids actually motivates the children to do the repetition that’s needed for the rote memorization of many math skills.

Leapfrog has been making quality educational games for kids for nearly 20 years.   There team of educational experts are top notch.   They consistently make great products for various levels of students.    I highly recommend any of Leapfrog’s educational games for kids, with the Leappad Ultra as their flagship tablet.