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Advancement In Learning Tech for Kids

Hello and welcome back to my blog on Educational Tablets for Kids!

When I first started this website, Leap Frog Pad, I decided to focus on Tablets for Kids.  The advances in technology in children’s toys has been astonishing.   As a Mom and a 2nd Grade School Teacher, I am so excited in the advances in technology for the children of today.

innotab vs leappad
The Innotab 3s and the Leappad Ultra

Although we all want the best for our children, sometimes a Tablet for Kids in not in our budget!  Don’t fret.  There are so many choices educational toys to choose from, not all are Tablets for Kids, either!  There are a whole lot of choices when it comes to quality educational toys that help teach kids a wide range of academic skills, with content areas such as Math, Science, Social Studies, Geography, Reading and Pre-Reading, etc.

LeapFrog, VTech and other vendors make these quality toys, and each one has specific advantages appropriate for children at any level.  While not as flexible as a Tablet for Kids, what is important is that your child’s mind is stimulated.  Here are some examples of great toys that really do a nice job teaching academic skills.


A Tablet for Kids, however, has the benefit of being able to grow with your child, and prepare them for the future technology that they will need to use in the future.   LeapFrog and VTech are currently the leading manufacturers of toys like a Tablet for Kids.    In my opinion, the LeapFrog Leappad Ultra is the best Tablet for Kids out now, but the options are wonderful toys in their own right.

When selecting a tablet for kids, I would think about what is important to you.   I really like the WiFi feature of the LeapFrog Leappad Ultra or the VTech Innotab 3s.  That works great for me, since I have high speed Internet connected to WiFi in my house.  If you don’t have WiFi, or High Speed Internet, that feature may not be as important for you.  You would have to weigh your options and see what makes sense.

There are multiple ways to get educational games installed on a tablet for kids.  Wifi with Internet is only one way.    Most Tablets for Kids allow you to buy a plug in cartridge with the game already installed on it.   Another alternative is to connect the tablet to another computer with a cable and install the game that way.

If your tablet for kids is a WiFi model, such as the Leappad Ultra or Innotab 3, your child will be able to browse the web using a kid safe browser and have access to educational content online.  So, if you have WiFi, I would suggest going with a tablet for kids that is WiFi enabled.

I hope this short article was helpful for you to learn about the amazing new technology that our children have these days, like a tablet for kids.    I bet you are saying the same thing that I have been saying….  Wow!  I wish I had that when I was a kid.   The kids just take if for granted.    It is not long before a child says to me, Mrs. G., What kind of tablet for kids did you have when you were a kid, a long long time ago?  I will have to say Crayons and Paper….    Uggghh..  Kids have a way of helping you to remember how old you are…