Are learning tablets for kids the future of education?

I believe learning tablets for kids is where education is going.  Now don’t get me wrong, being a school teacher myself, I have to say that nothing replaces a school teacher in the classroom.   The importance of a good and qualified school teacher can’t be stressed enough.  But, some disturbing trends in education are bothering me, and I bet that they are bothering you, too.   Things like teachers that teach to the tests and budget cuts that are leading to overcrowding in classrooms.

Some of these things are stretching even good teachers thin, not to mention taking the fun out of the learning for your child.   Like I said in an earlier post, it is important to link up Learning = Fun in the minds of young children.  This is where tablets for kids, like the Leapfrog Leappad Ultra can be used as a tool for motivating children to have fun while learning.

While learning tablets for kids, like the Leappad Ultra, can NEVER replace an actual teacher, they sure can boost the fun factor in learning.   In a prior post, I have discussed and shown examples learning apps in the Leapfrog App Center.   With these apps, what is taught in the classroom is reinforced at home, in a fun way.

I am sure any teacher can tell the difference between students that are sitting in front of their televisions watching cartoon network and those that stimulate their minds with quality educational games that are on learning toys for kids.

In my opinion, at the time of this writing, the Leap Frog pad may be one of the best tablets for kids.  Schools are already looking into tablet computers for use in the future.   If you think about the cost of textbooks, and the administrative and storage costs associated with them, it only makes sense to move to an electronic format, like e-books and tablets.

Getting your child use to using these devices now, can help them transition to what they will need in the schools of tomorrow.

I hope this quick article gives you something to think about and that you find it helpful in leveraging the newest technology, tablets for kids to assist in your child’s learning.